Adolescent / Teen Counseling

Why use counseling specific to adolescents?

Teens and pre-teens have unique therapeutic needs based on their development. A combination of talk and/or activity therapy can support teens in self-expression, while increasing their ability to cope with the challenges they are facing in healthy and responsible ways. 

What concerns can you help with?

Being in this stage of life can feel like being up against the world. While some changes in emotions and behaviors are a typical part of development, others may be signs that more help is needed. Therapeutic support is available to help navigate challenges that face many teens, including:

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • low self-esteem

  • self harm

  • peer concerns

  • social media concerns

  • bullying

  • risk taking behaviors

  • trauma

  • social conflict / social isolation

  • academic problems

  • family conflict

  • college preparation/transitions

More questions?

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